Going back to bring others forward

The Essence of Our Work

The Go BACK Project is a holistic support organization focused on youth ages 18 and younger whose lives have been turned upside down by any one of many potential factors. The thorn could be the pain of poverty, bullying, physical abuse, sexual assault, or just the transition from one life stage to another. We recognize that life gets tough sometimes.

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Families of youth victims and other supportive adults in their lives also are eligible for services.


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Counseling: We provide counseling services that focus on the client and follow the best and proven practices from the field. Our goal is to help youth and adults heal from the trauma of childhood violence with counseling as a guidestar. Our trained therapists who work with The Go BACK Project help facilitate holistic change that is driven by the specific goals of each individual client.

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Empowerment: Beyond the ability to make decisions, empowerment creates understanding of and confidence in oneself so decisions are shaped by respect for self and culture as assets. Whether for an individual or a family, empowerment workshops embody each relevant aspect of life: psychologically, professionally, educationally, financially, spiritually, sexually and socially.

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Education-based consultation is not limited to the formal application of studies. It relies on evidence-based recommendations that are culturally relevant and meaningful. Consultation enables children and the adults who care for them to apply school-driven principles, particularly those that are restorative, in order to achieve greater social and academic success.

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