About Us


Our Mission

The mission of the Go BACK Project is to support historically underserved and underrepresented school-age children and their families through awareness, empowerment and educational support. Specific focus is on children who attend school in high minority, high poverty communities -- rural and urban.

Our Core Philosophy

The Go BACK Project seeks to empower children and their families while also creating an authentic sense of self-efficacy. We believe all children are capable of achieving their best academic future through the reduction of systemic, environmental and psycho-social barriers.

Our Story

The Go BACK Project was launched in 2014 following a successful outreach project in Detroit. Learn more about it through this video:

2015-239-115a Nikita Murry (623x800)

Dr. Nikita Murry

Founder & CEO

Nikita is a born-and-raised city girl with a fondness for rollercoasters, lazy rivers and the quietness of the woods. Once labeled as having a "bad attitude" she believes there are no throwaway children.

Our Board

John Mahone, MBA

USMC (Ret.)

Brenda Skeel, MA

University Professor

Andre Wright

CIA Trained Chef

Next Steps...

Join us as we go back to give back: Become a volunteer for a child in need!