What We Do

Go Build Academically Competent Kids.

The Go BACK Project is not just another nonprofit with a notion to “do good” in the world. While the fire behind The Go BACK Project is fueled by altruism, The GBP is a movement and a model for engagement rather than the provision of services. We want to fill in the gaps left open by other helping professions and institutionalized entitlement systems.

In other words, our mission is to go back and bring children forward with the knowledge that effective educational support can lead to more opportunities for growth and self-empowerment.

The Go BACK Project is supported by the following pillars:

    Purposeful advocacy is centered on the individual, their goals for life, realistic access to tools, and coaching that strengthens their voice. I like to use the example of driving a bus: each individual is capable of driving their own bus and determining their best route for their life journey; we just want to help keep the wheels on the road and away from the edge of the cliff!

    Consultation services are provided by well-trained and enlightened professionals from various fields and experiences. Specifically, we focus on issues that can help improve academic and professional/corporate environments through meaningful trainings and workshops on healthy communication and restorative practices.

    Education that empowers - ensuring that the classroom, a critical life environment, is a space that is healthy and respectful for everyone regardless of age, intellect, social standing or any socially constructed barrier. We help educators and learners create environments that fosters civility, mutual respect, creativity and open learning.

    So, consider this: Go Back, Give Back!

Our Mission

The Go BACK Project supports historically underserved and underrepresented school-age children and their families through awareness, empowerment and educational support. We focus strongly on children who attend school in high minority, high poverty communities, both rural and urban. We provide tangible assistance, such as resource-filled backpacks at the start of the school year, as well as personal mentors who work one-on-one with children in need of extra attention.

Our Core Philosophy

The Go BACK Project offers tools and training designed to empower children and their families with authentic self-efficacy by setting and meeting specific goals. We know all children are capable of achieving their best academic future through the reduction of systemic, environmental and psycho-social barriers.

"I could only see the bumps in the road, and they ways they could stop me. Now I feel like I can take those little bumps, one at a time, and get where I want to go." -a young workshop participant

Next Steps...

Join us as we go back to give back: Become a volunteer for a child in need!